toy car storage truck
toy car storage truck

toy car storage truck

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  • Stores 48 standard toy cars that are 1:64 scale – making this truck a 210 wheeler! Compatible with Hot Wheels and Matchbox toy cars.
  • Premium box and materials used for the ultimate gift and unboxing experience.
  • Standalone upright (freestanding) or attach to the wall – you choose how you want to display their toy cars.
  • Mount your toy car storage truck as a wall shelf with included hardware, or place on flat surface with included ‘slot in feet’ (no tools required).

Toy cars shown for display purposes only.

This is a natural wood product and there may be color variations between the wheels and truck cabin (please be aware of this as returns are not accepted for color variations in the wood material). We are an environmentally conscious company and use all parts of  a tree to make these handcrafted trucks.

  • With included car sticker racetrack game (created with a neuroscientist), name personalization feature, big exciting truck design, handcrafted premium wooden tactile material with engraved detail, and ability for your child to paint, stain, or varnish the truck. The truck is developed to help you parent smarter, not harder. Check the next bullet point for more details …

  • Kid- and Earth-Friendly

    Keep your kid’s carbon emissions down. Your toy car storage shelf is made of FSC-certified sustainably harvested wood and was rigorously tested to be safe for kids 3 years and up. Exceeds ASTM standards and tested for sharp points and edges, flammability, lead and phthalates. This gift will last for years, full of happy memories. 

  • Showcase their toys, don’t hide them

    Put “Play on Display”. Make them feel like a big kid and display their favorite 48 cars in their individual garages (just like mom or dad’s garage). Putting their most treasured toy cars on display will instil a sense of pride in their belongings and using the car sticker game will keep them playing with their gift in the years to come while learning tidy habits. 

  • Add Your Creative Flair

    Leave the finish raw or enjoy a fun family activity and snaz it up with stain, varnish, or paint.