table topics - assorted topics
table topics - assorted topics
table topics - assorted topics
table topics - assorted topics
table topics - assorted topics
table topics - assorted topics
table topics - assorted topics

table topics - assorted topics

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This edition of the popular TableTopics conversation starter collection will help grandparents and grandchildren enjoy getting to know each other better. The questions are designed to help them share all the important things - personal stories, fun ideas, plans for the future, and a good bit of laughter too.

  • 135 cards in a beautiful 4-inch clear cube.
  • Recommended for ages 8+


This edition offers engaging questions and great topics that teens love to talk about with their friends, at parties, online – or even for a fun, casual chat with “the parentals.”

 Ages 12 and up
135 Question Cards
4" x 4" x 4" acrylic cube



 What’s the proudest you’ve ever been of your sports team? What sports nickname would you choose for yourself? Who’s the most inspirational Olympic athlete ever?

This conversation starter set is packed with enough amazing statistics to impress any sports fanatic along with cool infographics and great questions to engage even the casual sports enthusiast. Talk sports, share stats, and a whole lot more. It’s information meets cool graphics meets great questions. 

Bonus Content: Infographics

Events: Family Game Night, Game Night, Hanging Out With Friends

Ideal For: Sports Fans, Sports Enthusiasts

Ages 6+



What’s the nicest thing you’ve seen one person do for another? Which season do you wish you could live in year-round? Which teacher do you think deserves a medal?

Studies show that the more we talk about the things we are grateful for, the happier we will be. Gather your family and friends together and use these conversation starter questions to cultivate gratitude. You’ll be glad you did!

Events: Family Dinner, Hanging Out With Friends, Relaxing

Ideal For: Parents, Close Friends, Personal Reflection

Ages 12+


Which celebrity chef would you most like to fix you a meal? What was your biggest flop in the kitchen? Which retro cocktail would you be most likely to order?

This set of conversation starter questions gives you a great way to share your passion for food and cooking with all your food-loving friends. Talk food, drink, restaurants, recipes, trends, and so much more.

Events: Dinner Parties, Parties, Work Events, Mixers, Networking Events

Ideal For: Adults, Friends, Acquaintances, Parents, In-Laws, Hosts

Age 12+