super cute embroidery

super cute embroidery

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Stitch and learn embroidery the cute way with colorful pre-printed designs!

Select your favorite design and set it up in the included embroidery hoop. Explore the 32-page book to learn all the skills you need, then use the colorful yarn to stitch as much or as little as you want to turn each design into unbelievable cuteness.

There are 8 designs to create and endless creative possibilities!

Then, it's time to turn your beautiful designs into beautiful objects: flags, keychains, storage pouches, blankets, pillows, patches - it's up to you!

Unleash your creativity, one stitch at a time, with the Klutz Super Cute Embroidery kit.

Klutz Super Cute Embroidery
  • Kit for learning how to embroider while creating 8 stitch designs
  • Encourages fine motor dexterity, creativity, self-expression, self-esteem
  • 8 designs to stitch
  • Learn all the skills you need to create beautiful embroidery!
  • Stitch as much or as little as you want
  • Explore ideas for turning finished designs into unique crafts
  • Includes printed fabric with 8 designs, embroidery hoop, embroidery floss in 8 colors (32 yards total), rainbow embroidery floss (4 yards), 2 needles
  • 32-page book of ideas and inspiration included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience
  • Ages 10+