magic sketch glow

magic sketch glow

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Sketch, trace, play, and learn!

This unique, reusable drawing kit comes with a semi-transparent, colorful drawing tablet that works with liquid-crystal-display technology.

Grab the drawing stylus from its holder and start drawing. As you slide it across the screen, a bright multi-colored line instantaneously appears, as if it's coming out of the stylus like ink from a pen!

Snap the backing onto the board to create a plain blank slate for drawing and coloring with the stylus and the three texture tools. Remove the backing to create a transparent drawing surface, perfect for tracing anything you can imagine.

Or, slide one of the 18 template sheets between the backing and the Boogie Board.

Trace exciting scenes including a castle, an airplane, and a farm. Play fun games including mazes, tic-tac-toe, and five-in-a-row. Trace and practice writing the alphabet and punctuation marks.

There's so much to explore and discover! - And once you're done drawing, tracing, and learning, it's so easy to erase everything and start again. Just press the button at the top and it all magically disappears!

Complete with a sturdy, snap-shut carrying case, the Boogie Board Magic Sketch Kit is a fascinating, take-anywhere learn-and-play adventure kids just can't put down.

Boogie Board Magic Sketch Carry Case Kit - White with Neon Green
  • Transparent LCD drawing tablet with drawing and learning activities
  • Encourages writing/drawing skills, creativity, exploration, creativity
  • Snap backing onto back of Boogie Board to create blank drawing surface
  • Remove backing for transparent surface - Trace anything you want!
  • Slide 18 activity sheets between backing and Boogie Board - Trace, practice letters, play games!
  • Use 3 texture tools for more creative possibilities
  • Easy to erase - Everything disappears with a press of the button
  • Everything stores inside sturdy snap-shut carrying case
  • Includes Magic Sketch drawing tablet with Colorburst™ and built-in stylus holder, 6 drawing templates, 6 learning templates, 6 game templates, stylus, 3 texture tools, protective cover, snap-shut carrying case
  • Long-lasting replaceable watch battery included
  • Incredibly durable - Drop it, step on it, spill water on it - It still works!
  • Boogie board measures 6 x 9.5 inches, drawing surface measures 5 x 7 inches
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
  • Ages 4+