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lego gadgets
lego gadgets

lego gadgets

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Become a master gadget maker with the power of LEGO!

Playful, vividly illustrated, step-by-step instructions guide young builders through the thrilling process of building 11 amazing and unique gadgets, all while learning about physics and mechanics.

Discover the power of the simple lever with the classic Catapult. Learn about propulsion with the Ghost Mobile, or experience the visual magic of motion with the Spin-O-Vision and the Micro Movie Maker.

Each build is an amazing, mind-expanding adventure!

Complete with all the LEGO bricks you need, the LEGO Gadgets set is sure to keep kids building, exploring, and discovering for hours and hours.

LEGO Gadgets

  • Instruction book and LEGO pieces for building 11 amazing gadgets
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, scientific learning, creativity
  • Step-by-step instructions make building fun and frustration-free
  • Explore real lessons in physics and mechanics with each build
  • Every contraption can be built with the included parts - No extra parts need
  • Build the classic catapult, ghost mobile, claw, spin-o-vision, rollin' rex, flywheel cruiser, fan club, mix master 3000, micro movie maker, robo boxer, gravity drop coaster
  • Includes 58 LEGO elements, 5 pages of craft paper, 78 pages of ideas and inspiration
  • Ages 8+