duck - a - roo
duck - a - roo

duck - a - roo

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Can you help mama duck get all her ducks in a row?

Line up the three plastic ducks in a row with the yellow Mama duck at the front then green, then blue, then red. Then, spread out all the duck tokens across the table randomly and face down.

On your turn, flip over one of the tokens - If it matches the duck at the end of the line - DUCK-A-ROO! - you get to keep it as a point and then move that duck to the front of the line.

If it doesn't match, flip it back over - It's the next player's turn! But remember where it was. You might need it later...

Easy to learn and fun for the whole family - Duck-a-Roo is sure to fall right in line with your top game-night favorites!

2-4 players. Ages 3+