tickle monster laughter kit
tickle monster laughter kit
tickle monster laughter kit

tickle monster laughter kit

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Sure, we've all heard of the Tickle Monster - But have you met the Tickle Monster?

"I come from Planet Tickle, you see. I'm a monster, but not the kind you must flee. I'm the happiest, silliest, zaniest kind. My talent is TICKLING, I think you'll soon find."

Throughout the colorful, playful pages of this joyous book, kids get to learn all about the mysterious and always fun-loving Tickle Monster and his mission to bring joy and laughter to Planet Earth.

But the best part? Included is a pair of fun, fuzzy monster mitts, completely with finger holes for easy page-turning and, of course, TICKLING!

Bring the side-splitting joys of the Tickle Monster to life with the Tickle Monster Laughter kit.

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit
  • Book and set of fuzzy mitts for bringing the Tickle Monster to life
  • Encourages reading, imaginative thinking, parent-child bonding
  • Sure to get kids squirming and giggling with delight!
  • Fuzzy mitts feature finger holes for easily turning pages and tickling
  • Mitts fit most hands
  • Written by Josie Bissett, illustrated by Kevan Atteberry
  • Published by Compendium Inc
  • High quality hardcover binding with strong pages
  • Packaged in sturdy, reusable box