puzzle pairs - wild animals

puzzle pairs - wild animals

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Educational puzzles are a great gift idea for a toddler who is ready to explore the world.

The set includes 18 large, two-piece puzzles that depict familiar and beloved animals from all over the world. Beautiful, colorful graphics will inspire toddlers to engage in all-round development through play. Every match is a reason for joy!

Here are some specific benefits of the puzzle:

  • It helps children learn about wild animals.
  • The puzzle features a variety of familiar and beloved animals from all over the world, each with a corresponding word.
  • Children can learn about the animals by matching the pictures to the words.
  • It develops fine motor skills.
  • The puzzle pieces require children to use their fingers and hands to manipulate them, which helps to strengthen their fine motor skills.
  • Encourages observation. Children must look closely at the pictures to find the matching pieces, which helps to develop their observation skills.
  • Promotes creativity.
  • Children can use the puzzles to create their own stories or games, which helps to promote their creativity.
  • If you are looking for a fun and educational way to help your child learn about wild animals, the Puzzle Pairs Wild Animals is a great choice.
  • Ages 18 months+