press and go dump truck

press and go dump truck

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Roll a truckload of fun across the floor!

Get little kids scootin', pushin' and crawlin' after the action with Push N Go Dump Truck!

Bright and colorful, this little toy immediately gets attention. Children explore its many features. They push the little construction man down... vrrrooomm! The truck races across the floor. He's off! And so is your child - with a squeal of excitement.

Little fingers will be busy at work pushing down the man and watching the result, then loading the truck and dumping it out.

The orange suggests construction site, and the man in a hard-hat confirms it. Little kids will be hard at work as they crawl after their moving toy.

Push N Go Dump Truck

  • Bright push and go rolling construction truck
  • Push the man down and truck goes rolling
  • Toddlers see direct results from their actions
  • Fosters fine and gross motor skills
  • Constant delight for young children
  • Bed of truck can be loaded and dumped

  • Ages 9 months +