sort and squeak eggs
sort and squeak eggs
sort and squeak eggs

sort and squeak eggs

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An egg-celent early-learning delight!

Remove the top shells of each egg to reveal an adorable little chirper inside. Press down on each one to hear them squeak!

Then, pull them all out of the carton for a friendly game of matching. The bottom shells match the shapes inside the carton while the silly faces on the top shells match the colors of each chick.

Young minds are sure to hatch and grow with the Lamaze Sort & Squeak Eggs!

Lamaze Sort & Squeak Eggs
  • Set of 6 eggs for matching and squeaking
  • Encourages fine motor skills, color-matching, shape-matching, imaginative play
  • Top shells each printed with a goofy face
  • Goofy faces match the color of the chick inside
  • Press down on the chicks to hear them squeak
  • Pull the eggs out of the carton - Match them with the shapes in the carton
  • Includes carton, 6 eggs with removable top shells
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability


      Ages 6 months+