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bubble tree bubble shop

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1-4 fl. oz. prefilled bubble bottle made from 100% recyclable aluminum that can be refilled.
• Custom design wand affixed to cap of aluminum bottle.
• 1 liter of Eco-Friendly non-toxic superior bubble solution. Enough to refill aluminum bubble bottle 8 times or to use with bubble wands and fill dip trays.
• Refill station includes dispensing spout w/auto shut-off valve for No-Mess refills into bubble bottle and dip trays.
• 2 dip trays to use with assorted custom-made bubble wands and bubble blowing sound makers flute, horn, and kazoo.
• 3 custom designed big bubble wands in shapes of circle, star, and super Bubble Tree® wand.
• 3 custom designed sound making bubble instruments and bubble blower. Features horn, kazoo, and flute designs.
• Age grade 3+